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To be a guest on Giant Steps, please send us an email describing yourself and what you do.  If you're a musician mail your bio/press kit and your CD to:

Giant Steps
c/o Indigo Planet Productions
429 Colonia Blvd.
Colonia, NJ  07067

Advertising on Giant Steps is done through sponsorship. Banners are displayed on the Giant Steps pages on the Success Talk Channel site plus, the sponsor also recieves 60 sec. radio spots played during the program.

For details on rates and how to advertise, comments, or other information, please send us an email

Programs are archived for two years and all ads remain in tact for that period unless we are specifically asked to remove them.

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Send bios & press kits to:
Indigo Planet Productions
429 Colonia Blvd
Colonia, NJ 07067